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Portada revista internacional A10 – new european architecture

Nos acaba de llegar al estudio el último número de la revista internacional A10 – New European Architecture.

La revista ha apostado por 08023 arquitectos como uno de los estudios emergentes más prometedores en el panorama actual de la arquitectura europea. En la sección Debut se muestra una pequeña entrevista sobre nuestra filosofía de trabajo y algunas fotos de la A House.


A continuación os dejamos el texto íntegro de la entrevista en inglés:

08023 Debut

‘We work with the emotions, needs and desires of our clients. We do not design for people, we design together with people following a process of collaboration, which involves them in the creative process. We do not develop projects, but we create experiences to know better what our clients really want and need, to develop a tailored, unique and exclusive architecture. We involve our clients into the project to live and feel it: we work and design together. It has become a great experience, different for each person. The results are special and unique build- ings, because no two people are alike.

The A House is our first big project that gave us the chance to work from the beginning with a blank sheet of paper. The house is a Mediterranean building next to the sea for a Dutch client. It is a modern villa, but with the characteristics of the old Mediterranean houses; the building is facing the sun and sea views, in a white colour to better enjoy the light, and with big windows protected with blinds.

The role of the client has been crucial in this project. It has been really interesting to collaborate with foreign- ers, because we have mixed different cultures in the way the villa is designed. The collaboration has enriched the project very much, joining different points of view and obtaining a result even better. In this case, one plus one has been more than two. The new technologies let us develop the project without problems. We avoided long meetings and time-consuming tasks with short, continu- ous and precise communications in order to increase the productivity. Once a month, the clients came to check out the design and the construction.

One of the main desires of the clients was that they did not want to live in a completely new villa. Instead of ren- ovating an old house, it was decided to include recycled elements, materials and furniture. We visited several antiquarians and some demolition companies; in every step of the project and the construction we introduced different, reused elements. We recovered the main door, the louvre doors, wooden beams, some interior doors and furniture. The result is a new house with a little portion of the history of existing buildings. Due to this continuing combination between the old and new throughout the process, the final result was never fully defined.

We like to define projects as much as possible from the very beginning—technically and economically. But this is difficult to combine with the continuous changes that require a tailored design. Finding new ways to meet these changes with a complete technical and economical management is our next step in order to improve our processes.

All our world is constantly changing, now faster than ever. However, the figure of the architect in Spain is still very traditional and stuck in the past. We need new ways of understanding the profile of the architect; we have to reinvent ourselves and offer new services and experienc- es. We are starting these changes so the future in archi- tecture is very interesting and encouraging. We, as young European architects, have to find our new way, make our work different every time. Now it is time to experiment, to explore new ways in architecture and businesses.